What is Geduino?

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A social robot is an autonomous robot that interacts and communicates with humans or other autonomous physical agents by following social behaviors and rules attached to its role.

Geduino is an open source platform development for Autonomous Social Robot applications.

Robotics is a sexy subject involving maths, computer science, mechanics, electronics and, finally, creativity. Geduino is a chance to experiment, study, create new technology and share all this experience, source code and artifacts between open source community.

Geduino project follows this guidelines:

Low cost

Other development platform exists but they are too expensive to most developers. Actually Geduino components total cost is under 1000.00 euro.

Open source

Geduino is based on open hardware and open source software. All schematics, designs and source code are available under GPL license terms.


Geduino is based on ROS, the Robot Operating System. This is a key point because ROS is world wide used and supported (also NASA is using it!): developers who wants to be introduced on ROS can play with Geduino; at the same time Geduino developers can take advantages and use packages designed by community (which include NASA too!).

Many thanks to developers who, with their work, contributes to Geduino!

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