The Geduino PCBs

The Geduino platform

The CAD file of Geduino platform

This is the CAD file of Geduino platform. In order to open this file you must use DraftSight CAD software than can be freely downloaded from this link.


The PowerBoard REV2 PCB used in order to power all Geduino hardware. It also provide the battery level signal (connected to analog pin of Arduino DUE of UDOO) used in order to prevent wrong usage of LIPO battery.

The GeduinoShield REV2 PCB, using Arduino DUE shield layout, provide connection between UDOO and other Geduino hardware.

In order to open them you must use Fritzing software that can be freely downloaded from this link. The PCBs shown in the picture was build by FritzingLab.

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